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Step 1

When our patients contact us, they are put in direct contact with a specialised healthcare representative. This health representative is a specialist who is with the patient throughout the whole process and guides them from before to after the operation. If it is determined that the patient is suitable for the operation as a result of the online consultation, the operation date is set and detailed information is given about the preparations of the process.

Step 2

Our patients should be in Istanbul at least one day before the operation. This is necessary to meet with the doctor and to carry out preliminary controls. When the plane arrives in Istanbul, our patients will be met by a private health representative and VIP car. Our patients who have preferred transfer service will be transferred with a health representative, VIP car and private driver throughout their entire process in Istanbul.

Step 3

One day before the day of the operation, our patients come to the hospital to meet with their doctor and to perform the routine checks and tests required for the operation. As a result of the tests, our patients, who does not have any health problems for surgery, return to their hotel with the health representative and VIP car.

Step 4

On the day of the operation, they picked up from their hotel by VIP car and brought to the hospital. After the operation, our patients stay in the hospital for one night and can leave the hospital the next day. Although it varies according to the operation, our patient can return home one week after the operation.

We offer you a special, personalised health experience.

We ensure that our patients have a safe and comfortable experience by being with them at every stage of the operational process with our private health representatives.

Our patients can contact their private patient representatives at any time from the first contact established. Our patients can get support from patient representatives 24/7 on any subject.

Our hospital is one of the best hospitals in Turkey with its medical equipment, nursing services and anaesthesia teams. Memorial Hospital stands out in health technologies and patient satisfaction.

All our doctors serving in our clinic are health professionals who are specialised in their fields and have many years of experience.

In order to ensure that our patients start their operation process in Istanbul in the most comfortable and safe way, we welcome them with special health representatives and VIP cars upon their arrival at the airport.

Our hotels that we recommend for our patients whose process in Istanbul has started/will start consist of options that meet high standards in hygiene, safety and comfort criteria.

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